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DEAD TARGET v4.92.0 APK Download (Current Version)

Size150 MB
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update29/09/2022
Also available onPlaystore

Download DEAD TARGET v4.92.0 APK:

Featuring a zombie-infested city, DEAD TARGET is a top-notch shooter. You must use your genius shooting skills in this fierce survival arena if you wish to live or die. Your mission is to survive and escape the zombie city. Because of the sharp graphics and sound, this game gives you the feel of being transformed into a character in-game, fighting with all kinds of zombies in the ruined landscape of the destroyed city.


As you enter the game, the context will gradually become apparent. There are a lot of river corpses floating around in this dark, desolate city. In order to force the president to obey them, the MZ company betrayed the treaty and triggered the zombie epidemic in the city. Agents of an undead detachment will transform into players.

You and agent M are the only survivors; the zombie army has defeated everyone else. Find a way to escape the city by observing closely, taking a good look, and defeating zombies. What are you waiting for? Let’s play!


What has it been like to be afraid and want to try something at the same time? It is necessary to both hide from zombies and shoot them down in order to escape DEAD TARGET. As well as collecting more information, the player must wait for reinforcements from the army.

In all situations, the player will be on his own because his last teammate, agent M, is also in danger, and he must be saved. A feeling of excitement and thrill will come over players as they stand in front of the peace of the city and their teammates’ lives. Isn’t that interesting?


Infected with a virus, the people of a once beautiful city became zombies after being turned into a dingy city by the MZ company’s tricks. Zombies hide on every corner, every wall, and on every street. Defend yourself from zombie attacks by walking carefully, scouting, or shooting walls and buildings down. A hidden message and practical intelligence will be available to help save the city. You will be able to return the city to its former glory the faster you discover secret messages.

Compared to today’s shooting games, DEAD TARGET’s graphics and design are quite impressive. Players are already attracted to the ruined city scene, the buildings, the walls, etc., even though they are just external forms.

Each level has different zombies and guns. Zombies will come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Additional bonus points will be awarded based on the type. In addition to guns, there are many types of guns; at first, you will use the most common type. As you kill zombies, you will receive bonus points that can be used to upgrade your guns to become more powerful.

If you want to play games with your friends, you can connect your game account with other social accounts. We’ll have to see who will be the best agent and save the city first!

Could you leave the zombie city safely, rescue your teammates, and discover the secret so that the army could be informed? It all depends on your ability to shoot and your ability to hide cleverly. Be the winner by playing DEAD TARGET right now!

  • Shoot down zombies with hand controls.
  • You can shoot down walls or buildings to kill zombies if they are hiding in buildings, walls, etc.
  • Bonus points are awarded for shooting down zombies. Upgrade weapons with it. Zombies will be easier to kill with a better weapon.
  • You are also responsible for collecting secret messages for military intelligence and rescuing agent M.
  • Together, climb to the top of the best agents.

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