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Highway Drifter v4.2.26 APK Download (Current Version)

NameHighway Drifter v4.2.26 APK
Size316 MB
DeveloperMad Hook
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update02/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Highway Drifter v4.2.26 APK:

It is impossible to ignore the thrill and excitement of a four-wheeled vehicle battle as a legendary racer. You can challenge and fight racers from around the world when you set foot on Highway Drifter. As soon as you select your favorite racing car and match the location system on the map you have chosen previously, the race will begin. Additionally, you are also pressured by your opponent’s strength.


There are a variety of cars in the collection, from legendary classic muscle cars to cutting-edge vehicles. These are real, unique, and perfect cars. You can change the entire appearance and parameters of the cars when stepping into the world of warriors, giving it a unique, bold color. A few unique items can be purchased here for decorating and upgrading the car with real money.


Moreover, Highway Drifter’s graphics get the maximum score, which is the attraction of many games. You will fall in love with the cars due to their realistic physics. Furthermore, the most advanced graphics the race in detail. HD is available to players with high-end devices.


In addition to fluttering, players may also have experienced unexpected incidents while jogging during the entire race journey. Aside from animals crossing the freeway, you can also encounter large rocks. In addition, muddy sand dunes prevent progress, creating a lot of problems. Further, trucks operating on busy streets can also rush into the crowd, causing unwanted accidents.


In the world of heavyweight racing, Highway Drifter is considered the largest community. The racing community around the world has the opportunity to see your ability and strategy. The battle of burning tires is now ready for you to conquer the most difficult race tracks with attractive online players until every moment is like breathless anticipation of who will be at the top of the leaderboard.


The map system in Highway Drifter features many roads on various terrains. It could be a small road right next to the cliff, just a little flaw that allows the player to roll down the cliff without hesitation. An undrivable beach might be hot and sandy. Furthermore, if you choose to fight on the street, you may encounter road users.

The colorful environment of Highway Drifter represents different cultures, making it suitable for most players. Additionally, you can challenge your friends in single-player or multiplayer. The unique car-warriors and maps in each bring the ultimate feeling of suspense, tension, and surprise. This race should be fought to the finish.

  • Play on a variety of terrains, such as sand dunes, steep hills, and fields.
  • Recreate the scene in the field by magical characters and cars.
  • In the thrilling and breathtaking multiplayer, you will compete against many legendary racers.
  • With bold color and personal style, you can own and customize four-wheeled warriors.
  • Become an expert ranking champion by overcoming obstacles.

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