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Hotel Craze Cooking Game v1.0.64 APK Download (Current Version)

NameHotel Craze Cooking Game v1.0.64 Apk
Size151 MB
DeveloperCasual Joy Games
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update13/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Hotel Craze Cooking Game v1.0.64 APK:

The Hotel CrazeTM Cooking Game challenges players to manage a private hotel in a professional environment. Discover what tasks a leader will have to perform in the series of activities described. Customer needs will be met continuously as players move between hotel rooms. Additionally, the system broadcasts tasks in the mailbox that need to be completed. Experience exciting Christmas events with surprise gifts in the new.


Take your hotel to the next level to cater to more travelers in Hotel CrazeTMCooking Game. By building new rooms and adding other services, you can expand the scope of the business from the small ground floor. To satisfy the most demanding guests, ensure that the living environment is always clean. Guests receive rewards when they check out and when they collect coins when they complete tasks.


When you become a manager, you will have more time to play Hotel CrazeTMCooking Game. Throughout the journey, you will be accompanied by a trolley with basic cleaning tools. First guests will be welcomed at the front desk; rooms will be assigned. As soon as they came up with their own ideas, they had a problem.

In order to welcome new customers, you need to move quickly between rooms and clean them. There are times when you won’t be able to do well, but don’t worry, just get better at the following. Guests will reward you with coins that are worth your time. When the number of rooms changes, it is necessary to upgrade the cleaning machine. With the coins you earn today, please search for the tools you want in the store and purchase them as soon as possible.


In Hotel CrazeTMCooking Game, the finest dishes accompany the hotel service. Players will need to acquire enough hotel achievement points to unlock famous dishes in order to build a kitchen like that. Keep your customers calm while you prepare certain dishes since some take a long time to prepare. Talented managers need to act now!

Customers have new requirements for meals after various requests for rooms and special accommodations. When requests are made, you must be present. You don’t want to drive customers crazy and have them leave your hotel, so reassure them while you wait. Depending on the processing time, different rates will apply to the dishes. Get more funding for location expansion by collecting accompanying rewards.


With Hotel CrazeTMCooking Game, players can run their own hotel. Every login poses a different challenge. When qualified, repair and upgrade your hotel. Your unique resort will be able to host more visitors when you unlock new rooms. As customers recognize the manager’s dedication, the kitchen will become more famous. Enjoy it and don’t forget to leave a review!


  • Manage a hotel that bears your name as a talented manager and build its reputation.
  • Develop long-term strategies to expand different regions.
  • Providing accommodations and food to tourists from many parts of the world.
  • Provide customers with premium dishes by upgrading kitchen tools.
  • Embark on fun housekeeping trips with different types of trolleys.

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