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IMDb v8.7.2 APK Download (Current Version)

NameIMDb v8.7.2 Apk
Size21 MB
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update09/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About IMDb v8.7.2 APK:

IMDb offers an extensive program of films and entertainment videos. The app is completely free for all activities with the task of helping users access information. Organize memorable slideshows and ensure consistent image quality. The comeback with exceptional performance improvements will attract more and more attention from users around the world. Use your playlist maker to filter and track your favorite movies like Bag!

Learn more about unique content

Not only does it provide a unique audiovisual experience, but users coming to the IMDb interface also enjoy a space with an intelligent content layout. The effectiveness of implementing intelligent technology to create a favorite list is well presented. Age and interest-based preferences are prevalent in all categories. Items you are interested in will appear more often when you browse through different categories.

See the rating of each item

Each task presented in the app opens a separate panel that helps users rate it and assign the right number of stars. As a result, quality films that invest heavily in content and form make the list. Users can read and enjoy the comments of reviewers. Additionally, short trailers and meaningful photos can be played if desired. Compare and choose the one you are happy with.

Create a personal account

To easily use IMDb, users need to create a personal page in this entertainment domain. You share personal information and no third party can intrude. Thanks to the personal account, you can bookmark what you are watching or want to watch to receive timely notifications. Activity tracking becomes easy while creating and managing watchlists. Under each video, you can leave ratings or personal comments.

Users can use the account not only to enjoy the content but to post to the lists they want. Creating videos with creative content is also a welcome start for the extraordinary creators of the future.

Expand your knowledge with specializations in the fields

With more than six million different programs, the development of the search bar helps IMDb users to find the latest information. Brand new trends, just-in-time side stories, and essential information for everyday life. Live broadcast videos of important award ceremonies, insightful videos, and urgent issues at various locations. Set schedule and notification preferences so you don’t miss new content. Have more fun with the search bar, and develop your ability to absorb information by following them every day.

Register for the show

You can register for any show or performance near you by booking and purchasing tickets in the app. After confirming your current location, the system will start searching for broadcast locations and provide the best recommendations. Follow the broadcast schedule for each time frame and get your own tickets when you register on the device.

Experience listening and watching live

IMDb helps you access multiple information sources and entertainment needs by monitoring movies and entertainment programs. Offer users a quality menu of trending movies. The system will understand your needs and make attractive suggestions for this unique experience. Customize yours and enjoy the most exclusive audiovisual space.

Main features

  • Watch movies and entertainment programs through a strict control system.
  • Ensure exceptional picture and sound quality for any supported content.
  • Create a personal account and create a list of favorites for unique audio and visual experience.
  • Rate, comment and read program content while linking to it.
  • Quickly and efficiently register tickets to watch live performances through the app.

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