점보 공항 스토리 APK Download v1.1.4 [Current Version] 2022

App Name점보 공항 스토리 APK
Latest Versionv1.1.4
File Size55 MB
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Latest update22/11/2022
Get it OnPlaystore

The 점보 공항 스토리 APK Download Android application is one of the most popular apps in the Apps/Games category, and it has many great features. It is currently the most recent version available for Android.

About 점보 공항 스토리 APK:

The newly opened airport should be transformed into the best international airport in the world and full of fun.

Let’s start by building comfortable places for users to spend time, such as cafes and bookshops.
As the number of visitors to the airport increases, the popularity of the airport rises!

  • User fatigue increases as the site get wider…
  • In the store, benches or sofas would be nice for you to take a break.
  • There is nothing that heals tired users better than plants.
  • When it is difficult to feel the life force in airports, the presence of plants is very important.
  • Bringing nature to the airport would be great.

The airport should be crowded when management is on track!
There is also a possibility that non-users will flock to the airport.

Your flight plan can be set up once you get your own airliner and have the money to buy it
Fly regularly once again.

The world is your airport’s oyster if you sign a contract with an overseas airline!
Invite residents from all over the world to build friendships with your city!

Come on, let’s take off around the world with a bunch of dreams and passengers!

The app also supports touch scrolling and zooming.

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  • With a one-time purchase, you can purchase apps you’ve played and free games you’ve played!
  • Game series created by Cairosoft in 2D.

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What is 점보 공항 스토리 APK?

A new game called Jumbo Airport Story was released on September 26, 2022. Even though this is a new game, the concept it carries is quite interesting, so many players are attracted to it immediately. Kairosoft is the developer of this game.

Playing this game will make players nostalgic for PS1 games with its 2D pixel graphics. Creating your own airport is a requirement in this game. It is your responsibility to grow the airport into a large airport, as an airport owner.

The first thing you’ll do in this game is to build your airport. You’ll be able to do many things later on in the game. The airport should then be developed in collaboration with a variety of companies. Buying a plane requires collecting a lot of money.

Essentially, you will be an airport owner who has the responsibility of growing his airport as big as possible. Various third parties create mods of this game to add different features since it has such a large following.


For those who enjoy airport simulation games, Jumbo Airport Story is a perfect choice. Although the game does not feature battles, fiery shootings, or monster destruction missions, it does feature a massive airport that can serve millions of tourists and thousands of millions of customers. Nationality. You will also travel the world during the process of building your airport tycoon, discover new countries, meet many people, and discover new cultures.

Creating comfort for visitors begins with building restaurants and bookstores at Jumbo Airport Story. When your customers are satisfied, your airport will become more popular and attract more guests, as well as generate economic profit that can be upgraded to make the airport larger.

Your airport can become a global airport if you contract with foreign airline companies! Engage in international friendships and attract people from all over the world!

Features of 점보 공항 스토리 APK:

Next, we will discuss the features of the mod version of Jumbo Airport Story. This mod application has many other features that you can take advantage of. Here is an explanation of some of them.

Money without limits

First of all, there is the Unlimited Money feature, which means there is no limit to the amount of money you can have. You can begin the game with plenty of money thanks to this feature. It is now possible to build a large airport with many planes very quickly by having unlimited money.

Viewing menus

Secondly, there is the mod menu feature, where you can select from a number of mod options. There are a large number of planes available for free through this mod menu feature. The advantage of this is that you no longer have to collect money, so you will gain a lot of profit.

A limitless number of research points

Unlimited Research Points are the last feature. It’s true, you’ll get unlimited research points with this feature. Your airport will grow even bigger as a result of this.

No charge

If you would like to download this game, you will have to pay US$5.99 on the Play Store. In the meantime, you can download the game here for free or for no money at all.

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