Krita APK Download v5.1.1 [Current Version]

App NameKrita APK
Latest Version5.1.1
File Size89.6 MB
DeveloperStichting Krita Foundation
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Latest update08/11/2022
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The Krita Apk Download Android application is one of the most popular apps in the Apps/Games category, and it has many great features. It is currently the most recent version available for Android.

Krita APK Download v5.1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Krita 5.1.3. We recommend that everyone update to the latest version. Additionally, some of the libraries we use have been updated, so there has been an improvement in performance! It is important to note that 5.1.2 has been skipped because of a last-minute bug fix. For Android, we are still on 5.1.2 due to signing issues. Bugs 461436 and 459510 will be fixed in the next version.


  • To increase performance and correctness, we have updated to the latest LittleCMS release candidate. Other dependencies have also been updated.
  • Plasma desktop users who use distribution packages can now use the Global Menu. 408015: Bug report
  • HDR Alpha Channels are not exported/imported correctly in JPEG-XL and HEIF. 460381
  • Normalized HDR values are clamped in JPEG-XL and HEIF
  • If OOTF removal is enabled, fix JPEG XL and HEIF
  • The HLG correction option is no longer enabled in JPEG XL
  • In JPEG-XL, work around undefined transfer functions in linear profiles
  • The HDR export of JPEG-XL needs to be optimized
  • The JPEG-XL support in Chrome is currently experimental, so we need to improve compatibility with it
  • Handle empty clipboards when creating images from clipboards. Item number: 459800
  • Animation files loaded from CSV files need to be fixed
  • Ensure that pasted images do not cross image boundaries. Ticket 459111
  • Small brush sizes should be fixed to reduce aliasing.
  • Line tool issues need to be fixed. Bug number 466461
  • A crash occurred when a new document was selected and cut/copied. A bug in 457475 and a bug in 460954 have been reported.
  • Fix long-press triggering right-click on Android
  • The Mirror decoration should be handled by Android’s touch events
  • A pattern fills layer crash has been fixed. BB459906
  • Vector objects’ colors should be switched from foreground to background. BUG:458913
  • Exporting TIFF files was fixed. INPUB459840
  • Change the color theme without experiencing any issues
  • Exceptional aspect ratios can be fixed when saving files. BT:460024
  • A path selection tool issue has been fixed
  • The polyline tool can now be undone with a right-click
  • Animated layers can be copied and pasted. In both BUG:457319 and BUG:459763, we have found the following bugs.
  • Allow multiple bundles to be imported simultaneously
  • When SELinux is enabled, Krita can be run on Linux. This is BUG459490.
  • Adding layers styles to the recent files list fixes a crash on startup. Ticket 459512
  • If there are no paintable layers, Python scripts can be run. Ticket 459495
  • You should fix the Ten Scripts plugin so that it actually remembers what scripts you’ve selected. Bug number 421231.
  • Allow PNG exports to be converted to 8 bits upon saving. 00459415
  • In HiDPI mode, fix hover artifacts. Bug number 441216
  • Make pass-through layers thumbnails (which shouldn’t be created). BUG:440960
  • All platforms should be able to use the OpenGL workaround. 401940 – Bug 401940
  • The blending ranges of layers need to be read correctly in PSD. Ticket 459307:
  • Several small leaks in memory have been fixed
  • Using the move tool can result in copy-paste not working. 00458764
  • The Help-> System Info dialog should show all your Python plugins
  • Whenever a reference image set is saved, display a busy cursor. It’s bug number 427546
  • The scripting API should include Document::setModified. Specifically, bug 425066.
  • The save process crashed when a layer with a fill layer was used. Ticket number 459252
  • Copies and pastes of shapes or fill layers or selection masks crash. 0491815
  • In PSD files larger than 512×512, layer thumbnails need to be fixed. FIXED: 458887
  • The background layer crashes when copied and pasted. This bug is 458890,458857,458248,458941
  • When mouse-covering a layer with a color label, don’t highlight it. 459153: Bug report
  • The problem with creating numbered backups for files with names that contain [ and ] has been resolved. INVESTMENT:445500
  • (Patch by Carsten Hartenfels, thanks!) Add middle handles to perspective transform
  • If outline preview snapping is disabled, Sharpness brushes will not be accurate when dabbing. 458361: Bug report
  • MacOS touchpad gestures are now fixed. 00456446

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