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The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a submit apocalyptic world: in 2027 the arena saw an endemic of unknown contamination that destroyed almost all the human race. And it didn’t prevent there. All the ones useless commenced becoming zombies and those few survivors that have resistance in their blood are seeking to live to tell the tale on the ruins of the once first-rate world.

And now the survival of your man or woman is best in your electricity! Keep an eye to your individual’s existence stats including starvation and thirst, gather treasured resources for crafting, create weapons and delivery of various kinds or use what you have got at hand: a bat or a road sign.


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Last Day on Earth Mod Details

Defeat intruders to your land now not best with your power but also foxy – construct fortifications with traps or go raid other survivors’ territories for the sake of uncommon loot and sources. After anyone can do anything to live to tell the tale.

One can attain seasonal area on shipping that’s to be had for crafting. Moreover, in case you pass the wall on the west of the map, you’ll enter an internet vicinity wherein with a unique costume on, you’ll be able to engage with different players.

Versions of Last Day on Earth Mod Apk

Last Day on Earth Mod 1.11.5 for Android 4.1 + APK Download

Last Day on Earth Mod 1.11.5 for Android 4.1 + APK Download

Version: 1.11.5

Update on: 2019-01-30

Download APK (177 MB)

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