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Medal Heroes v3.4.2 APK Download (Current Version)

NameMedal Heroes v3.4.2 APK
Size102 MB
DeveloperEnfeel Inc
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update01/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Medal Heroes v3.4.2 APK:

You can find exciting battles with chibi warriors in Medal Heroes, an action game for entertainment. Playing a strategy game in portrait on your phone is a unique experience, haven’t you? Because of its idleness, this game might be exciting for you if you don’t play it often. It only takes choosing the right hero and using the right skills at the right time to win.


Up to four members can be included in your squad. Character classes and roles will be very varied, offering many tactics for you to choose from. Enemies who try to attack you will be automatically attacked by your heroes. Additionally, each character has a unique set of skills, including active and passive skills. As your heroes use skills, they will consume MP, which can be recovered by using the hot bar, or they can be recharged by waiting as before.


It is essential that you plan the layout of the squad carefully to make sure the members are positioned appropriately for their roles and skills. Characters with good resistance or ability to fight in frontlines will be placed first. In bad situations, magicians and support staff will stand in the back to defend themselves.

There is an ultimate skill that every team possesses, and you can activate it anytime. Following the initial instructions, you will be able to use skills and perform competent operations like dragging, throwing, and dropping after activating the system. It takes a very long time for these skills to cool down after being used, but they deal massive damage over a wide area, helping you beat more opponents. No cost will be incurred when you use this ultimate skill.


The characters in Medal Heroes all have their own special abilities, despite the ancient magic and sword scene. The weapons of heroes include swords, bows, magic staffs, guns, and other weapons. You are more excited about this game because of the combination of power and weapons. Your world will be filled with powerful warriors with unique appearances and destructive abilities. It is not possible to change the equipment of each character, but it is possible to change their stats. You can upgrade your character after completing the quest.


PvP battles are a great way to test the strength of your squad and place heroes according to their strengths. Skill will be automatically used by your opponent, but you will have to activate it before using it. A medal will be awarded to the winning team that will help you purchase some rare items. Characters can level up and become stronger if they absorb enough experience from those particular items. In dungeon battles, you can train your squad’s health and find items that will increase your character’s strength or summon a new one.


  • Experience fast-paced, dynamic battles with five consecutive action heroes, with simple controls and skill buttons corresponding to each action hero.
  • More than 300 unique heroes can be summoned to your army. Become a hero with a unique skill by participating in special battles.
  • Training sessions and battles are easy and fast ways to develop characters. Even if you’re not playing the game, heroes can evolve, so probabilities and efficiency aren’t an issue.
  • Our PVE and PVP offer a variety of content and many battles. Be prepared for victory by assembling the right squad and equipping them with skills and weapons.
  • Guilds connect players and allow them to join guilds, while Arenas allow players to compete against strong teams. Each storyline, quest, and reward has an appealing storyline.

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