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Night of the Full Moon v1.6.11.2 APK Download (Current Version)

NameNight of the Full Moon v1.6.11.2 APK
Size292 MB
DeveloperGiant Network
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update02/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Night of the Full Moon v1.6.11.2 APK:

There’s something very new about Night of the Full Moon, which revolves around the story of finding Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother. The arduous search journey will begin with you playing the role. The black forest is the destination this time, a place where countless horror stories have taken place. Is it possible for you to overcome the challenges presented by many terrifying forces? Hold the cards and repel their attacks with your wits and quickness.


A journey to find Little Red Riding Hood’s missing grandmother begins in Night of the Full Moon as players assume the role of Little Red Riding Hood. The journey continues with more characters joining you along the way. Despite telling stories about the black forest, no one has ever set foot in it. With dim lights, you encounter wolves, witches, hunters, and monsters guarding the forest in the dark. In order to get closer to their loved ones, players must overcome challenges. You may also discover creepy secrets that could endanger you.


In Night of the Full Moon, strength cards are necessary for the player to survive the harsh life. It is easier to beat them if you have more cards. Heroes are represented by each card. Over 400 cards are developed in the game, with features and characteristics clearly divided. To overcome the challenge in the first rounds, you need cards with a low number of stars. There are times when you cannot withstand powerful attacks when you have a card with a large number of stars.

This fun can be conquered easily if you have a strategy. The black forest can be dangerous, and players must have many options to deal with it. Based on your choices regarding the card position, the chosen card, and their information, the final result will be determined. At the end of each level, you receive an important piece of information and a move forward.


Darkness and fears dominate your life during the Night of the Full Moon. Many different attacks can be easily overcome with great tactics. The system combines picture quality, sound quality, and effects to produce these beautiful experiences. Cards are arranged and exchanged in an order that makes it easier to observe your actions and perform them quickly. A simple interface also helps players interact easily and find the information they need. You will always receive additional incentives related to the bonus and penalty of the game so that you can enjoy this content to the fullest extent possible.


A long story about the scary land and the search for the missing three will make players feel fun and interesting throughout Night of the Full Moon. Your courage will continually be tested by a variety of situations. Many countermeasures are also put in place to suggest a way for you soon as the attacks become more intense. Monsters, witches, ferocious animals, and fearsome hunters seem to stand in the way of your search. Use the magic of the cards to defeat them and continue your search for your loved one!


  • Based on a horror story, players are on a quest to find Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother who has disappeared, battling the jungle monsters never-ending.
  • Graphic technology is used to build images with smooth and highly realistic motions, enabling the game to succeed in character creation. There is also a guarantee of sound quality.
  • You will learn the basic strategies for surviving in dangerous locations, encounter monsters, hunters, and fearsome witches, and experience the problematic life of the jungle.
  • The cards provide you with the power to defeat the enemy’s attacks. Companions, heroes, and warriors are sealed by those powerful cards.
  • Increase the strength of the card to increase its power; read the card’s content to learn more about the hero. Each trip can also reward you with new cards.

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