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Shadow Fight 2 v2.22.5 APK Download (Current Version)

NameShadow Fight 2 v2.22.5 APK
Size147 MB
DeveloperNekki – Action and Fighting Games
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update11/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Shadow Fight 2 v2.22.5 APK:

Shadow Fight 2 is a highly explosive action war waiting for you to discover. There are plenty of bosses in this place to occupy your territory and take your life. When your life is at risk and your honor is at stake, you must mobilize forces and sharpen advanced weapon systems. This is the right hand you need to defeat your opponent one-on-one.


In order to open the Gates of Shadows, Shadow disobeyed his family’s customs. It was too late for him to realize his mistake. Demons inside the Gates are released, and Shadow fades away. It is only by defeating all demons and obtaining their Demon Seals that Shadow will be able to close the Gates of Shadows and keep the darkness at bay. Along the way, Shadow meets many allies that assist him in achieving his goal, as well as opponents who challenge him to a fight.

After closing the Gates, Shadow is lured into something far more horrific as his friend May is taken captive. The Gates of Shadows are revealed to be portals into another dimension when Shadow reopens them. With his super-strong cyborg alien army, Titan is now preparing to attack Shadow’s world. Shadow is the only one who can stop him.


Thanks to its content, attractive and meaningful plot, and animated image system, Shadow Fight 2 attracts players. The game recreates the most realistic battlefield atmosphere by utilizing completely new animation technology. As if you are stepping into a famous action movie, you feel as if you are entering the best scenes. This is what keeps the player on their feet.


A new event called summer has been added to Shadow Fight 2 with the latest update. Someone who wants to destroy the world with the sun is hoping to start a war with you. Apparently, this place is destined to become a fiery desert by that person. After summer ends, welcome cool autumn, but the sun won’t leave, and the world leaves that warm embrace behind. Are you capable of defeating them and saving the world?


Additionally, you have the chance to own unique coins. Performing missions and winning important raids are part of what makes them special. You will earn more money at larger events, but the danger is closer as well. It is therefore important to choose events that are appropriate for the number of weapons you have! With that coin, you can buy valuable items for your collection, adding to its uniqueness.


Shadow Fight 2’s equipment effectively supports you in intense battles and cannot be overlooked. It starts with the fact that there are countless weapons with high damage, such as epic swords, nunchaku, and so on. But it doesn’t end there, as you must also protect yourself from enemies’ attacks. Heroes on the battlefield wore rare armor sets as a result.


A series of magical martial arts appearances are your trump card at the end. It took extraordinary magic power to destroy thousands of monsters and ghosts, the bodies disappeared without a trace. Creating unforgettable experiences, these scenes are like recreating a sci-fi movie in parallel with swordplay.


A journey through many worlds is the theme of Shadow Fight 2. This action war immerses you in six worlds full of demons. As you compete with your friends in the extremely dark, scary boss war, you will discover and solve all the mysteries. The amount of blood you receive increases as you gain more weapons and make more friends along the way. An immersive, engaging storyline packed with adrenaline-fueled combat makes this a thrilling, action-packed combat RPG.


  • With an entirely new animation technique, you can immerse yourself in stunning battle scenes that are portrayed in amazingly realistic realism.
  • With deliciously simple controls, you can wreak havoc on your opponents using a new touchscreen interface.
  • Take on scary monsters in the “Underworld” with your friends!
  • You’ll travel through six distinct worlds full of scary demons in this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG.
  • Choose from a wide range of legendary swords, nunchakus, armor sets, magical powers, and other items available in the store to create a fighter’s weapon and abilities.

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