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Stefo Mai Morojn developed the Spaceflight Simulator APK game. In this game, you can create a rocket and send it to space. This game will fulfill your space dream. You can download the full latest version which has unlimited fuel.

Do who turned into the first person inside the world to fly into the area? It changed into yuri Gagarin, the primary individual to fly into space in records in 1961, opening the technology conquest of the universe of the human.

The Appearance Of Spaceflight Simulator APK

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Summary of Spaceflight Simulator

If you have a dream of flying into space, you need to recognize that the requirements to recruit an astronaut are extremely difficult.

First, you need to have a degree in arithmetic, physics, technological know-how, biology, … then a chain of fitness, mental, army qualification, flight hours of a jet pilot, … so, instead of applying for NASA, I pick a less complicated way, that is gambling spaceflight simulator.

What’s Spaceflight Simulator?

With sensible physics mechanism, you’ll experience an journey in space with a distance of millions of light-years. Go to mars, venus, the moon, or even the solar.

Spaceflight simulator is a tuber simulator sport with the aid of the publisher Stefo Mai Morojna. The sport allows you to construct your very own rocket and drive it into area yourself.


The first component you should do in spaceflight simulator is constructing and creating your very own spacecraft.

There are numerous alternatives to create a quality rocket, such as the engine, command module, hull, gasoline tank, titan engine, RCS thrusters, docking port, … pairing multiple components facilitates you greater alternatives but in go back, it makes you deliver heavier and movements more slowly in space. Furthermore, transferring additionally takes quite a few fuels.

There is an effective manner to keep away from walking out of fuel along with the manner, that is, you put the gasoline bunkers scattered in the area.

Calculate the adventure to fit the rocket’s gas extent, connect with the gas chambers and then continue your adventure. Use touchdown pins, two-stage automobiles or sun batteries to safely land on the planets.

You don’t want to be a genius or a person who has huge information about the universe to play Grand Theft recreation. All you need to do is explore the giant universe along with your spaceship.

Although the sport is sensible, it does not mean it restricts creativity. The game gives you a message: this universe is giant and without limits, you may pass everywhere without being blocked via an invisible wall.

Discover the planets

The sun is the center of the solar device, the planet has the largest temperature in the universe. In spacelight simulator, your ship isn’t always destroyed while drawing close the sun, but the sun’s gravity can appeal to you and reason your deliver to freeze when you attain 200000 mm.


Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. Be cautious, this planet has no ecosystem. Distance, gravity, and air are factors that make you difficult for a touchdown.


Venus is the second closest planet to the solar. It’s far smaller than earth but the environment is greater than 10 km. You may land more effortlessly, however, traveling on it’s far hard. Aerodynamic engines are a great preference in case you want to discover this planet.


Perhaps I don’t need to introduce greater approximately this planet. This is the only planet with lifestyles within the sun device.

Some of the achievements you can reap while touchdown on the planet-like reaching 5 km, accomplishing 15 km, input the field of effect, transcending the sphere of the impact of earth.


Mars have a highly skinny surrounding so that you have to use true deceleration motors to lessen harm when touchdown.

Sum up

When I play this recreation, I just like the creation of the spacecraft. That is the dream of many human beings after looking at the famous person wars series.

Even so, the fee of unlocking missile components isn’t always cheap. Many capabilities and planets have no longer been unlocked. If necessary, you can download spaceflight simulator mod (unlocked all) through the link underneath the item.

Technical Details

Before you start the download of Spaceflight Simulator Download, you must have a look at the technical details that we have mentioned below. So you will have a more clear idea about it.

  • Complete Application Name: Spaceflight Simulator APK v 1.4.06
  • Supported Android Devices Versions: Android 4.1, iOS 8.0
  • APK File Size: 32M

Download Apk Of App Spaceflight Simulator

We know that you are much excited to download this professional APK, so let’s get started the download of Spaceflight Simulator by clicking on the below button and it will start the download of this app into your android device.

Download APK (32M)

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