Squid Honey APK Download v8.4 [Current Version]

NameSquid Honey APK
Size88.6 MB
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update16/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

What is Squid Honey APK?

There is an official Android version of the movie Squid Game, which is currently being broadcast on Netflix. Squid Game includes 9 episodes in the genre of survival fighting movies that have attracted special attention during this time, mixed with psychological and social elements that address many of today’s hottest topics.

About Squid Honey APK:

Similarly to the movie, you will play games such as separating sugar candies and hibiscus flowers. The game is based on the movie that follows Gi Hoon, a middle-aged father abandoned by his wife, unemployed, addicted to gambling, owing hundreds of millions of won, who lives with his elderly mother and often steals her money for horse racing bets. Gi Hoon won a lot of money until one day he was pickpocketed on his way home, and the creditor forced him to sign a kidney donation agreement.

A bizarre game called Squid Game is proposed to Gi Hoon along the way – a game that is quite popular in Korea. On an isolated island, Gi Hoon and 455 other people played games in order to survive and win a sum of 45,6 billion won.

Play Squid on your phone

In this game, you will race against other players in a field where you need to move when the green light turns on. We will disqualify anyone still driving with a red light! Today, you can keep yourself entertained with this simple, fun, and thrilling game.

This game may have been a favorite of yours as a child because it is popular in many countries. In Vietnam, it is known as Tiger about the village. It’s a race to the finish line, but it’s different. Otherwise, you will be disqualified for running when the light is green and stopping when it is red.

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