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Tank Stars v1.6.9 APK Download [Current Version]

NameTank Stars v1.6.9 APK
Size113 MB
DeveloperPlaygendary Limited
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update29/09/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Tank Stars v1.6.9 APK:

Would you like to play a game that feels refreshing and fun? Tank Stars will help you accomplish that. It’s the best game for testing your marksmanship, having fun with friends, and challenging opponents around the world.


The video game Tank Stars features tanks and stunning custom shots. Using your battle tank, you can shoot at a specific target and control everything. Your arsenal of vehicles and weapons will allow you to destroy everything. A truly captivating gaming experience is also provided by exquisite graphics and visual effects.


This game shouldn’t be difficult for anyone who has played coordinate shooting games like Gunny or similar. The game is easy to play with anyone, but to master it, it takes practice for a while. If you are a new player new to this genre, it is perfectly fine, it is easy to play with anyone, but to master, it takes practice for a while. There is no difference in the gameplay of this game. The projectile is controlled by adjusting the vehicle to a favorable position for attack.

You need a lot of testing like that to master Tank Stars, even when your projectiles are not very accurate. The more you hit a place, the flatter it becomes as bullets or rockets impact the ground and create protrusions. There will be a blood column at the top, and the names of people will be covered. The lower the blood turn, the more damage you take. Your opponent and you will fight until both of your health bars are empty.


There are four attractive and unique games with a variety of wonderful things to enjoy in the game. When you play against the machine, you can practice your skills, and when you play with your friends and family, you can enjoy the victory even more. PvP online battle lets you compete with other players worldwide, and seasonal events and tournaments let you compete freely.


Get 15 different tanks to collect, each with its own look and abilities. The effect of creating rockets is wonderful, and tanks with huge rocket heads can do a lot of damage. When you get used to the game, you’ll start with a basic tank, and then you’ll be able to improve your skills and levels to collect more powerful ones.

You exchange and upgrade everything in Tank Stars with gold. Don’t forget to upgrade your rockets to get the maximum damage, then you will easily defeat your opponent in a split second. You can use gold to buy tanks and rockets. Your weapons will be more resistant to enemy attacks if you upgrade the tanks and rockets you wish to use.


The advantage of machine battles is that you can easily win, but if you miss the target or slow down in uncompromising PvP battles, you will lose. You should practice your skills with machines or friends to increase your ability to hit the target. Then, when you feel strong enough to fight hand-to-hand battles or compete in tournaments.


The game runs smoothly even on weak devices. Graphics in the game are simple, and not fussy, but they still create features and attract players. Especially the explosion effect is so beautiful, and the explosions with different effects make you feel satisfied and refreshed. In addition to each rocket type having its own type of sound, each sound effect creates an explosion that is vivid and extremely realistic.

There is nothing that can stop you, and you are more determined and better than you think you are. Practicing hard will help you defeat all enemies and climb to the top of the global leaderboard in no time. You can prove yourself in Tank Stars and have fun doing so.

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