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Wattpad v9.81.0 APK Download (Current Version)

NameWattpad v9.81.0 APK
Size27 MB
Required Andriod5.0 and up
Last update06/10/2022
Also available onPlaystore

About Wattpad v9.81.0 APK

Wattpad offers a refreshing space that allows users to engage in activities such as discovering stories, learning about famous authors, or creating their own work. Activity Space encourages simplicity, so you can open a story or start creating with just a few taps. The login system helps users set up their own accounts and libraries, and you can use it to save your favorite books.

Find the changes in the updated version

Wattpad is a great place for people who love to read and create stories. This is also one of the main reasons why the announcement of an updated version of the app is the most desired news. The newly added reaction feature has proven to be very helpful for users to read stories. You can stop on your favorite paragraph, record it with this tool and mark it as your favorite quote. Additionally, creating a premium version helps many users to read more engaging stories.

Join the largest community of readers

The unique thing that Wattpad offers has made it the most trusted option for users at the moment. With millions of downloads, the app has become an ideal meeting place for avid readers, creative enthusiasts, and those interested in many well-known authors. The community of readers here is always ready to welcome new friends. If you are also a book lover, love to explore stories, and always be imaginative for upcoming situations. This is probably the best option for users who love apps!

Share your story and become an author

Apart from reading famous works and enjoying thrilling love stories, users can also become writers with Wattpad. The simple user interface is divided into two main areas – the reading area and the writing area. A large blank space is provided for text entry when you are about to start typing. Users share every story of their life, practice their writing skills and improve their writing skills. We will help you to spread this work to a wide audience of our readers.

Create your own library and save your favorite books

If you encounter a problem or task, the reading process will be interrupted; That’s why your personal library was created. A history folder helps users find the content they haven’t completed yet. For example, unread stories, bookmarks for the page you are reading and the paragraph to stop at. The Favorites folder is the most appropriate location for tasks that have completed reading and have a good reading experience. We don’t limit the number of stories you can read. Add new stories to this list daily. Users can turn the work of reading and write into a special pastime.

Change your life through reading and composing

Wattpad offers you the best option to get into the habit of exploring the world through paths and actions. The system not only provides a quiet reading area for you, but also a place to add text so you can access the author’s work. Users can start searching for books right from the interface or join this huge community to get the best advice. Now is the perfect time to transform your inner world, starting our journey of reading, writing, and exploring!


  • The system creates a shared space that allows users to start with a personal account and do all the work involved in reading, writing, and exploring the world through stories.
  • Users may create accounts by providing authorized sources of information; The system creates a separate place where you can read personal information, and search history or books.
  • Create a favorite folder for everyone who uses the app. This would be the perfect place to start building your favorite bookshelf. Any story can be added to this list.
  • Users get authentic information from original stories and read works of famous authors. We are licensed to be your ideal reading destination.
  • They reset space to add new text and allow you to be creative with your actions. Users can also try their hand at the work of authors and build multiple careers.

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